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Haleigh is a forward-thinking, ambitious and thorough attorney. She describes herself as a “go-getter.”

During law school Haleigh interned with a television network in Los Angeles, California in the Business and Legal Affairs Department. Having no contacts in Los Angeles or the entertainment industry, she nevertheless turned a cold message into a job opportunity and continued to expand her network in the industry. Haleigh is very fortunate to have supportive, creative, and savvy parents that never put limits on what she could achieve. “It can be difficult when the world tries to put you in a box based on what you look like and what it’s comfortable seeing you do/achieve. However, I was extremely fortunate to have parents and mentors that never allowed to me to get sucked into that mentality.”

Although she is a proud Cincinnati native, Haleigh finds it important to be able to see things from different perspectives. “The more you open your mind and educate yourself on the perspectives of others, the better you service your clients because you can generate creative solutions to meet their specific needs," she says. “If you choose to see things from one perspective (just your own) and become willfully ignorant to the rest of the world, it will inhibit your ability to service clients in an ever-evolving market.”

With this quote, Haleigh spends a lot of her time always staying ahead by connecting with people, staying up on the latest news in various industries, listening to podcasts, viewing webinars, attending conferences and seminars across the country, etc. “In the legal field, I think it’s just as important to stay as engaged with what’s going on with the world, not just your local community.”

Currently, Haleigh is a litigation associate and has recently developed a growing practice in intellectual property and entertainment law.

Away from Graydon, Haleigh enjoys tapping into her interests in arts and entertainment by attending plays, visiting art museums, and exploring new television shows and films.

Haleigh’s practice is focused on litigation and creditor’s rights.

During law school, Haleigh clerked for A&E Networks in the Business and Legal Affairs Department where she did transactional work on various television and film contracts for Lifetime. Through this experience she learned the invaluable skill of concise contractual writing and negotiating to achieve the client’s best interests. Haleigh put her negotiation skills to use by participating in the Moritz Truancy Mediation Program where she mediated disputes between school officials, students, and their parents while drafting agreements between them.

Away from work, Haleigh enjoys traveling, creative writing, listening to podcasts, and visiting art museums wherever she travels.