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Jim is a member of Graydon’s Corporate Counsel Practice Group, where he serves as general counsel for many small closely held businesses with an additional focus on real estate and construction. Jim provides the necessary legal support to his clients in all stages of the business cycle, from formation to dissolution and everything in between. At formation, Jim counsels his client regarding the appropriate corporate structure and then customizes the applicable corporate documents to fit the client’s specific governing needs of its business. During the growth cycle, Jim will utilize his skills as a contract lawyer to manage the relationships with landlords, tenants, contractors, customers, and the like through the negotiation and enforcement of the contracts which govern those relationships. When a business looks to sell its assets or interests, or acquire the assets or interests of others, Jim can utilize his merger and acquisition experience to negotiate, review and draft the necessary transfer documents. Finally, if a dispute arises, Jim will assist his clients in resolving that dispute by whatever means necessary. By way of example, Jim successfully navigated a small Ohio contractor through an OSHA investigation and complaint with the US Department of Labor, a corresponding safety investigation and hearing with the Ohio Industrial Commission, and a wrongful death lawsuit in Warren County, Ohio.

Prior to joining Graydon, Jim was in-house counsel for a nationally renowned commercial construction company before moving back to private practice. As in-house counsel, Jim negotiated and enforced hundreds of contracts and helped the company maintain compliance with numerous state statutes and federal regulations. While there, he expanded his practice by litigating various types of construction, insurance, and employment matters throughout the country. Jim moved back to private practice in 2014 and continued to represent construction contractors but also expanded his practice to include the general corporate and business needs of clients across various industries.

Jim enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Mina and their daughters Sabrina and Safia. They love to travel together, having gone as far east as Japan and as far west as Hawaii. Having grown up in New Jersey with a Mom whose maiden name is Dimaggio, Jim’s favorite food to eat and therefore favorite place to travel is Italy. When not hanging with his family, Jim loves hanging with his friends whether it be at the local brewery, a sporting event, or a music festival. He’s also an avid fitness buff, and has participated in multiple adventure style challenges such as Tough Mudder.