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Jamie D. Scott

Playing with his grandkids keeps Jamie young. Who knew backyard t-ball could be such a rigorous activity?

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Jamie Scott grew up in a hurry. Circumstances obliged him to be a serious boy, one who figured out early on he had certain goals he needed to accomplish.

His parents grew up near Cumberland Falls. His father was a coal miner. After World War II, he and Jamie’s mother moved north to Dayton, where he found work at the GM plant. The marriage didn’t last, and she found work at a restaurant.

One winter night in 1964, Jamie’s mother worked late. She never made it home. The evidence indicated she was abducted, but the case was never solved. It was ruled a homicide. Jamie, who was seven at the time, remembers she was so kind and so pretty that he thought she looked like a movie star. Jamie never felt angry or bitter about what happened – only a sense of loss he carries with him still. “Losing my mother probably made me mature faster. It also made me appreciate life – and how precious and temporary it can be at the same time.”

The youngest of four, Jamie lived with his mother’s parents in Clinton County for six years after that, then moved in with his older sister and her family in Warren County. His father was always in his life too.

He had it in mind to become a lawyer from the time he was 10 years old. He was drawn to books about the Rosenbergs, the Boston Strangler and Charlie Manson. He identified with the lawyers who wrote about them, like F. Lee Bailey and Vincent Bugliosi. He imagined himself more as a prosecutor than a defense attorney.

He remembers having a lot of fun growing up playing softball in the Middletown City Church League with his two older brothers and brother-in-law. Two families made up ninety percent of the team. He thinks he has a heightened sense of family because of circumstances. He still has the baseball cards he collected as a boy. His favorites are all Reds, but he does have a 1960 Mickey Mantle.

He met his wife in high school, and they were married in college. Her name is Lynn. They have three children (Jared, Tyler and Jessica) and 6 grandkids. Fun for Jamie always involves the kids and grandchildren. He reckons he’s one of the easiest going guys you’ll find at the Firm. “I guess it comes from having to grow up in a hurry. It’s very difficult to make me angry. Well, my kids have done it a couple times.”

Like the time a few years ago when Jessica just did not want to get up and go to school. That really got to Jamie. He went outside to get in his car and yanked the handle so hard it came off. He kept the car, without a door handle for several years until it was totaled in a minor accident.

In his practice, he works to get around obstacles and arrive at answers. “We try to be thoughtful and resourceful and not just bully our way to get what we’re after. Our practice involves using our knowledge and skill, whether it be skill in research or in thinking through problems, to achieve solutions for our clients. We’re good at it, too.”

Jamie has served on the Cincinnati Bar Association Employee Benefits Committee and is the Chair of the Firm's Benefits & Compensation Practice Group. He has worked with clients of all sizes to design and implement qualified retirement plans (including defined benefit plans and ESOPs), nonqualified deferred compensation plans and incentive compensation plans. Jamie also works on welfare benefit plan issues, including the Affordable Care Act and HIPAA privacy and security. He has significant experience in working with the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor on compliance issues. Jamie has been named an "Ohio Super Lawyer" by Super Lawyers Magazine for his work in Employee Benefits/ERISA law. Based on the grading and comments of his peers, Jamie is recognized with an AV Rating, the highest rating given to lawyers by Martindale-Hubbell.

Jamie and his wife, Lynn, have three children and six grandchildren. Two of their children are enlisted in the Army as linguists.