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If anyone embraces and enjoys life every day, it’s Jen Brill.  When Jen’s mother became ill and died much earlier than anyone expected, it taught Jen two valuable lessons in life. First, that life is too short. And second, to value experiences in life over things. “My mom saved up her whole life to enjoy retirement, and never got a chance to,” Jen said. “I think that’s one of the reasons we travel so much.”

Jen and her husband love to travel—from across the US, to Mexico and the Caribbean, all the way to Thailand. Funny story: Jen was actually boarding a plane in Thailand to come back to the States the moment news broke about COVID-19. She was moments away from lockdowns that would have trapped her there for who knows how long, for better or worse.

Even at work, Jen spends most of her time on the road, so to speak, rather than behind a computer screen in her office. In the workers’ compensation field, attorneys are like road warriors — always on the move, presenting case after case in dozens of hearings per month. This kind of fast-paced litigious work is right up Jen’s alley, and you can tell she really enjoys what she does.

Jen and her law partner, Nicole Hunter, started their own worker’s compensation practice six years ago. Recently, they merged their practice with Graydon and look forward to bringing their clients and skills to the firm.

When Jen’s not at a hearing or traveling, you may find her with her husband at Dorothy Lane Market in Dayton, tasting wine and mingling with other wine enthusiasts. Jen prefers champagne above all else, and admits the curse of every wine taster is the friend who wants you to sample their homemade wine.

“It’s almost always terrible,” Jen said, laughing. So like any good friend, Jen will spare them the truth and tell them how good it tastes anyway. The friendly fib is safely hidden behind her bubbly persona. Jen has a good sense of humor, obviously. She’s one of those people you really enjoy talking to; her friendly and engaging nature can really draw you into a conversation. She leans forward when she listens to you, her eyes wide with attention, and responds in a cheerful way that makes you feel good. When she laughs, it has an energy that fills the room. There’s no better way to describe Jen other than a happy person who simply enjoys life.

To be clear, Jen and her husband are wine “enjoyers” more than wine “collectors”. “I swear, we have friends who go into their cellars and gaze at their wine bottles and pet them,” Jen said, giggling. “We like to drink it. If something big happens, or we just had a really good day, that’s enough for us to open a bottle and celebrate.”

That’s how life should be.

For over 17 years, Jennifer has been defending employers in workers’ compensation and employment related claims. She represents and counsels various national clients, including industrial leasing, skilled temporary companies, heavy equipment operators, restaurants, construction companies, foundries, health care facilities, manufacturers, and factories regarding employment and workers’ compensation matters. In addition to defending clients in the Common Pleas and Appellate Courts of Ohio and Indiana, she represents employers in front of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and Industrial Commission.

Jennifer is routinely a presenter at Ohio Chambers of Commerce meetings and Bureau of Workers’ Compensation safety seminars. She also provides seminars for employers, industry trade groups, and third-party administrators across the state. Jennifer has been a presenter at the Ohio BWC Safety Congress since 2015, where she educated attendees on drug testing and other workers’ compensation issues.

Jennifer also represents insurance companies in insurance coverage disputes, defends auto and personal injury actions, and defends businesses and employers in product liability, discrimination, construction, employment, contractual, manufacturing, and other disputes.

Jennifer serves on the Board of Directors for Agape for Youth, a non-profit organization in Dayton, Ohio that helps to place foster children with families for both long and short-term care.  She is also the Co-Chair of the Workers’ Compensation Division of the Dayton Bar Association.  She has been named a SuperLawyers Rising Star and/or SuperLawyer since 2012.  In 2016, she was named a Top 40 Under 40 by the Dayton Business Journal.