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Kara A. Czanik

Kara loves to spend time with her family. It's a little crazy and kind of out of control, but absolutely wonderful nonetheless.

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Kara Czanik (the “C” is silent) came along when her parents were in their early 40s. She has a sister, 12 years older, whom she regards as a close friend and mentor even today.

Kara grew up in West Chester, Ohio with her father, mother and sister. Kara still resides in the area and remains very close with her family.

Her mother signed her up for her first T-ball team when she was six years old. She was the only girl on the team. She took up soccer and played all through college at Wittenberg University. As a sixth grader, she was the only girl on her select basketball team and one of only two girls in the league. She will tell you that those “only girl” experiences probably made her more aggressive.

“It would be a little strange at first. But once I got into it, it became more of a matter of being there to do what I was there to do. Gender didn’t matter."

She had an idea early on that she wanted to be a lawyer, probably by the time she was a second grader. She doesn’t remember why exactly – there were no attorneys in the family. It was more a matter of tucking the thought away in her mind, carrying it around in the back of her head until years later, when it came time to choose a career path.

Kara emphasized the influence that her parents had on her decision to pursue law school.

“They definitely encouraged me to do post-graduate work, and they helped me tremendously. I felt they were paying for college, so I needed to be respectful and make the most of the opportunities I was given.”

She and her husband, Mike, have two daughters, Olivia and Kennedy. Kara spends a good deal of time with her older sister, Kim, often on weekend runs. Kim is a sounding board on a variety of issues, including balancing a career and a family.

As an attorney, she puts priorities on communicating effectively and being a good listener.

“I want to be the ear and the mouth. I listen closely to clients' concerns, understand them and help them get what they want. If you were to ask my clients about me, I think they would say I bring a great deal of dedication and thought to their issues. I’m not afraid to get down and dirty with the details to find the best path for my client.

"In some ways, I’m a worrier, almost an over-thinker of what could happen next. At the same time, you cannot provide the best service to clients if you don’t anticipate all the contingencies.”

Kara devotes her practice to assisting national financial services institutions in litigation relating to all aspects of mortgage loan origination and servicing, including defending the following claims: the Truth-in-Lending Act, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act, and The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Kara has also successfully litigated title insurance bad faith claims on behalf of financial institutions. Kara understands the challenges and opportunities facing the financial services industry and provides effective, efficient, and reasoned advocacy for her clients.

Kara has also represented clients in a variety of complex business disputes, including unfair competition claims.

Kara has a strong work ethic and is committed to client service. She makes it a priority to provide regular, prompt communication with clients and co-workers.

Throughout her career, Kara has been active in the community and is particularly engrained in the West Chester/Liberty community.  She serves on the Board for Reach Out Lakota and Junior Achievement Butler/Warren Counties.  Kara was recently named the A. Christian Worrell Emerging Leader by the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance.  She is also the Chair of the Junior Achievement Butler and Warren Counties Guns & Grapes event, which is a sporting clay tournament supporting Junior Achievement.  Kara is also a Past President for the John W. Peck Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Chapter of the Federal Bar Association.

Kara resides in Liberty Township with her husband, Mike, and daughters, Olivia and Kennedy. Outside of work, Kara enjoys spending time with family and friends, checking out craft breweries and restaurants, cooking, running and occasionally shooting sporting clays.