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Loren V. Wolff

Though Loren loves everything about Covington, she has a particular fondness for The London Police mural on the corner of Scott and Fourth streets.

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Loren Wolff ‘s rules are simple and straightforward: Try your best, work hard, do the right thing and, no matter what, have fun. Make a point of it. Take care of what needs taking care of, of course, but never forget to fit fun in somewhere.

Other stuff worth knowing about Loren is that she is comfortable in both sides of her brain. She grew up very athletic, very tomboy. She says her parents were “uber hippies,” and, as a girl, she was equal parts jock and nerd. She admits to having a fierce rebel streak. She is all about following the rules, she says – but she has a disrupter side to her character.

Also, she draws inspiration from everyone -- maybe in particular from her middle child, William, who observed his sixth birthday in 2018. He’s old enough now where he doesn’t get so desperately ill, past the point where every little bug that comes along drops him for a week.

William was a PUV (short for posterior urethral valves) baby. It happens almost always with boys, and most babies born with it don’t live long. It’s a condition that occurs in about one in 8,000 births and results in the flow of urine back up into the bladder and kidneys, usually ending in renal failure. At 18 months, William underwent a kidney transplant and barely made it.

“I’ve never taken it for granted that he would grow up. But we’ve always known, too, that if he reached his fifth birthday, he’d probably get better. My husband, Ben, and I had a five-year pause button where we were sort of in survival mode. It was like, ‘OK, we’ve got to make money, get the kids to school, keep William healthy and have some fun here and there.

“From the time I was a kid, I’ve had a sense life is short. It was important to me to try everything, to experience everything, to just figure it out and find ways to make life rich and full and fun. William is like the exclamation point of that belief. I think he has helped me relax.”

Loren grew up mostly in a section of old Indianapolis that reminds her of much of Covington. She’s an urban type of person – but brick-and-wrought-iron urban, not glass-and-steel urban. She lives with her husband, William and William’s siblings, Leigh and Adam in a restored clapboard shotgun in Covington’s Seminary Square neighborhood.

“I love Covington, warts and all. It has a diversity that’s so real. One day, when my daughter was four years old, we were outside and she noticed people walking by us with their Kroger bags. She asked me why they didn’t just drive their cars to the store. So I got to have this really cool conversation with her about how not everyone can afford a car.

“I’m the first to admit that urban living is not for everyone. And that’s OK. But I know how much it’s benefitted me, and I want to pass that along to my kids. I’m used to being with people who aren’t like me. The great thing about it is I can talk to anybody.”

Loren practiced law with her husband in Covington for 10 years, including six months as interim city manager, before signing on with the Firm’s real estate group. She says she’s in a “what’s next” stage, thinking about the kind of practice she’d like to have in 20 years. She looks forward to helping Graydon develop a strong government practice and being a part of the Firm’s real estate group.

“At its core, economic development is all about property. I think that’s what makes it so interesting. It’s all about the quality of life for the people living in a city. I love working in that space.

“My long-term goal is to become an expert real estate attorney and build a practice working with governments. I plan to be out there advising governments about economic development and smart growth.”

Loren’s real estate practice focuses on assisting companies and individuals on the acquisition, sale, and development of their commercial and residential properties. Loren has wide-ranging experience drafting, reviewing, and revising, deeds, purchase contracts, easements, condominium agreements, and a variety of other documents associated with the use and transfer of commercial and residential real estate. Loren genuinely enjoys real estate.

In addition to her real estate expertise, Loren has extensive government experience. Having earned her degree in history and political science from Indiana University, Loren began her career in the Indiana State Legislature and the Indianapolis Mayor’s office. Most recently, Loren served as Interim City Manager for the City of Covington (the first woman to serve in the position) where she oversaw the hiring of a permanent city manager, a city budget cycle, and several major economic development projects.  Loren is currently serving as Chair of the newly formed Parking Authority for the City of Covington which is responsible for managing the city’s parking assets. Loren understands that government entities face a diverse mix of complex issues that must all be balanced with unique community needs, citizen input, political realities, and budgetary constraints.

The common thread in Loren’s experience is public service. Loren currently serves as the board chair of the Center for Great Neighborhoods, which in addition to over 40 years spent helping Covington solve community issues, has been involved in over $10 million in commercial and residential real estate development across Covington.

While Loren truly loves her work, her greatest joy is being with her family and friends. Loren lives in Covington in a home built in 1870 with her husband, fellow attorney Ben Wolff, and their three kids. Loren hopes to pass her love for basketball on to her kids by coaching their basketball teams. When she’s not shuffling her kids to basketball or soccer games, her family can be found hiking or checking out a new brewery with friends.