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Mark A. Ogle

An active member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and current President of the Kentucky Chapter, Mark is always up for a drink with his colleagues.

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Mark Ogle started out in Hawesville, a small town in the very small (people-wise) western Kentucky county of Hancock – notable as the setting in 1827 of Abraham Lincoln’s first trial.  Lincoln had been charged with operating a ferry across the Ohio River without a license.  He defended himself and won.

Much of Mark’s childhood was spent working at Ogle’s Market, his paternal grandparents’ independent grocery store.  He put out produce, cut meat, stocked shelves and ran the cash register.  He regards his grandmother on that side of the family as the most influential person in his life, so far at least.

“Mary Agnes Ogle – she was the backbone of the family.”  She was single-handedly responsible for Hawesville getting a medical clinic and for a while ran the local newspaper, the Hancock Clarion.  She was all about making things happen and keeping things in order.

“I taught at Blessed Sacrament’s Parish School of Religion in Ft. Mitchell for 26 years, and what I told the kids came straight from her.  I taught them that the more you do right, the harder it is to do wrong – so I want every decision you make to create a better version of you.”

He played basketball at Centre College as a freshman in 1979, the first year the Colonels went to the NCAA Division III Final Four.  They lost by one point to the North Park University, which went on to win it all.

“I worked hard each day in practice to beat up the starting point guard.  He didn’t play in a game where the opposing player got in his face as much as I did.  The thing is, it’s not about whether you’re on the floor all the time -- it’s about how you contribute to the team.  That’s from my grandmother, too.”  By the way, Mark ended up his athletic career at Centre as All Conference in both basketball and baseball.

He wanted to get that same lesson across to the girls on his then-15-year-old daughter Elly’s AAU basketball team in 2012.  The Shining Stars, as they called themselves, had progressed to the national tournament in Orlando.

“I’d spent the entire season trying to get the girls to understand you have to play for something bigger than yourself.  During the tournament, they got it.  Something clicked, and they started passing to the open person.  It didn’t matter who scored or who started and who didn’t.  But we did end up winning the tournament.”

Mark has three other daughters – Gabby, Whitney and Tori and several grandchildren.  He had a hip replacement in 2010, so golf and biking has taken the place of basketball as his sport of preference.  One day, he hopes to play Pebble Beach and Augusta National and bike The Ohio to Erie Trail.

His career is devoted to the practice of family law.

“I get to help really good people in some of the most difficult stages of their lives,” he says.

“It gets back to the idea of working for a purpose larger than you.  I don’t think you can be a good family law attorney unless that’s how you look at life.”

Mark A. Ogle is a Family Lawyer with a reputation of treating his clients with compassion. His passion for finding the best possible solution for each individual client is evidenced by the many “thank you” notes and cards he receives after the representation is completed. He helps his clients settle their cases as quickly and amicably as possible in order to avoid trial. However, when resolution cannot be achieved, he tirelessly advocates for his clients’ rights. Mark represents clients at every social and economic level, from Professional Athletes and Corporate Executives to Small Business Owners, Doctors, Teachers, Industrial Employees, and Homemakers and has worked on cases with assets well over $20 million and those with assets fewer than $50 thousand. He handles all types of issues related to divorce, such as difficult custody matters, child support, business evaluations, division of retirement accounts, and spousal maintenance issues. Mark has been a part of shaping the Domestic Relations Law for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Mark’s appellate practice has set in place new law as it pertains to non-biological third party rights to children where the biological parent failed to act timely to assert his/her rights, and he helped to establish a clearer definition for parties, attorneys and judges regarding the complicated area of subject-matter jurisdiction and modification of custody under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act. Since 2006, Mark has been a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, one of the most prestigious groups of family lawyers in the United States. He currently serves as the Kentucky Chapter’s Delegate to the AAML National Board of Governors. He is the Past President of the Kentucky Chapter of AAML. Mark is also a member of the Family Law Sections of the American Bar Association, Kentucky Bar Association, and the Northern Kentucky

Mark graduated from High School in Western Kentucky and continued his education at Centre College of Kentucky where he played basketball on a NCAA Division III Final Four team, as well as earning letters in three sports--Basketball, Baseball and Golf.  Mark was selected as an All-Conference Athlete in two sports--Basketball and Baseball.   Following college, he attended Northern Kentucky University Salmon P. Chase College of Law. Prior to joining Graydon, Mark was a partner at Cors & Bassett before launching his own practice, Mark A. Ogle Family Law.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys long rides on his bicycle, traveling, as well as, spending time with his 4 daughters and 5 grandchildren. He also enjoys the Reds, basketball at all levels, a round of golf, and cooking for and with his family and friends.