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Scott K. Jones

Scott enjoys good food and drink. So when Graydon client and friend, Melissa Engelhart, opened Em's Sourdough Bread at Findlay Market, Scott saw it as the perfect opportunity to hone his culinary skills.

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Scott Jones was small for his age growing up in Anderson Township. He was the kid all the others grabbed to test the bike ramp and make sure it was safe for them.

Around the third grade, Scott had a growth spurt, one that continued until college. Along the way, he developed athletic skills. As a senior offensive tackle at St. Xavier High School, he was named to the Ohio high school all-state team. The University of Virginia was the No. 1 team in the country when it recruited him the following year.

He played a season, then decided he was done with football. He felt no real kinship with his teammates. Leaving the team was the right thing to do. Then the shock hit. He had been “Scott Jones the football player” for so long. Now that piece of his identity was gone. He went through his own version of the phantom limb syndrome amputees sometimes experience, when they feel pain in a part of their body that no longer exists.

He drifted for a few years. He’d grown up in a household where, if you didn’t get straight A’s, you weren’t allowed to be involved in athletics. For the first time in his life, he let his grades slide. It took time, and a lot of looking inside, to get back on track.

“It was a major turning point. The whole experience taught me to be a bit more internal, to avoid relying on external sources for my sense of who I am. I realized when I graduated from college that I was really fortunate ­– and if I wanted to make something of my life, I’d better get my act together.”

His father is an attorney. Scott says he has never met anyone who works so hard. And yet he somehow managed to make it to all of Scott’s games and quite a few practices. In the Jones household, it was always “yes, ma’am” or “yes, sir.” There was no talking back. He describes his childhood as idyllic. Without question, Scott says, his father is his hero. He’s the reason Scott became an attorney. He likes the idea of helping people.

Scott likes to take his daughter, Mary Elizabeth, golfing. Before she was born, someone suggested he read a book out loud next to her mother’s stomach every night, so he did. Moments after she was born, the nurse invited him to the warming table to meet his baby girl. She was crying and kicking something awful. He was petrified. He put his mouth to her ear and whispered, “Hi, Sweetheart.” At that very moment, she stopped crying and kicking, grabbed hold of his finger and looked him straight in the eye. He says she has had him in her pocket ever since.

He has a big, robust, unrestrained way of laughing. He can be intimidating if he thinks someone is trying to take advantage of him – or worse, take advantage of a client.

“As a litigator, I think I’m thoughtful. I don’t do the knee-jerk response, the first impulse. We use the analogy that litigation is like a chess match; you want to be thinking six moves ahead. Too many times, litigators confuse motion with action. We don’t. And while most cases are resolved short of a trial, the leverage you have in getting a good settlement for your client is the attitude of not being afraid to try a case. I most certainly am not afraid, and I think it shows.”

Scott helps clients solve complex disputes and problems -- when problems first arise or after internal attempts to resolve the problems have failed. Scott is a trial attorney who understands the value of early dispute resolution, but also understands that sometimes the greatest value in “bet the company” disputes can only be found in the courtroom.

The disputes and problems Scott resolves are primarily in three subject areas – business-to-business disputes, international disputes, and high-net-worth estate planning or fiduciary disputes.

Scott handles business-to-business disputes involving breach of contract and warranty, intellectual property, trade secrets, intentional torts, covenants not to compete and property disputes. Highlights of Scott’s representation include:

  • Scott successfully defended a national retailer in a six-week jury trial in a theft of trade secrets action where the plaintiff sought $37,000,000 in damages.
  • Scott obtained a defense verdict and a six-figure award on a counterclaim in a dispute regarding debt investments acquired on an online sales platform.
  • Scott obtained a $3,250,000 settlement after a seven-day trial of an intentional tort action.

Scott also co-chairs the Firm’s international dispute practice. He helps guide clients through the nuances of foreign disputes and represents foreign entities in domestic disputes. Highlights of Scott’s international practice include:

  • Scott led the U.S. proceedings, and assisted in foreign proceedings, for a Belgian national client relating to the theft of an antique Ferrari racing car, which was recently sold at auction for over $16 Million.
  • Scott obtained the return of pre-World War II Mercedes Benz cars, the most valuable of which was worth $7,000,000, and millions of dollars’ worth of parts for similar cars to a Trust that claimed ownership of the cars and parts. Some of the cars were used by the Third Reich in WWII.
  • Scott successfully led negotiations for a multi-million dollar contract dispute between an Ohio company and a Swiss company and its Korean subsidiary.

Additionally, Scott assists client in high-net-worth estate planning or fiduciary disputes. Scott guides clients through will contests, trust interpretations, power of attorney disputes, FINRA disputes and breach of fiduciary duty disputes. Highlights include:

  • Scott led a successful settlement of national bank in an $8,000,000 trust investment action.
  • Scott obtained the return of assets misappropriated though a power of attorney.

Scott loves to travel with his wife, Denise, whether they are exploring wine regions or relaxing on the beach with a Moscow Mule. (He is quick to tell you that he out kicked his coverage in marrying Denise.) They have three children – Hallie, Abby and MJ – of whom they are exceptionally proud. He is an avid cook and golfer.