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Simran A. Magowan

Simran plays golf to relax and no one makes him laugh as much as his little brother, Kirran.

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An interesting part of Simran Magowan’s story is how he got here. Simran – he pronounces it Sim-rin – has a Sikh first name that translates to “excellent memory.”  As for his surname, you don’t get much more Irish than Magowan.

His father, Simon, was born in Ireland. He was a world-class swimmer as a teen, and competed internationally through college at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland where he received his medical degree.  His mother, Anoop, grew up on a 1,000-acre sugar cane farm in Kenya and earned her PhD in Pharmacology at Edinburgh, where she met Simon.

The importance of education is a generations-long theme in Simran’s family and he continued the trend. While in college, he studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia for six months at the country’s top school.  “Learning side-by-side with such smart people from around the globe was fun and expanded my world view.  I look back at all the traveling I’ve done to over 20 countries and know that I have a little different perspective than most people.” Although he obtained a traditional education, Simran admits that what he remembers most are things that he learned outside of the classroom, life lessons from seeing the world.

Somewhat of a sponge when it comes to learning about new things, Simran doesn’t forget to have some fun as well. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf - and was introduced to the sport when he was 7 by his paternal grandfather. “When I was in high school, I visited my grandparents in Ireland every summer and got to play some of the best courses in the world.  Talk about a dream come true.”  Simran and his younger brother, Kirran, continue to vie for the title of “Best Golfer in the Family.”

Simran comes across as grounded, thoughtful, and earnest but not too serious. He describes himself as introspective, unafraid, and willing to work harder than those for whom things come naturally.  He has a deep appreciation for his family and what they’ve done to help get him where he is.  He wants to honor that.  “I recognize that my grandparents didn’t have as many options as myself.  My good fortune pushes me to be my best every day and seize my opportunities.”

He believes the most important question one can ask is “Why?” The thing he likes about being a lawyer is that it’s a field where one is always learning, chasing the answer to “why?”

“You have new clients with new challenges you can help solve, and that leads to a lifetime of learning,” he says. “I feel lucky to have a career like that.”

Simran has a passion for helping businesses and their owners achieve their goals. With a business background, he prides himself on being able to understand how his clients’ businesses operate in order to best serve them. He practices in the areas of corporate and real estate law and has experience drafting entity formation documents, service agreements, loan documents, leases, and a variety of other instruments connected with general business law and the transfer and use of commercial real estate.

While in law school, Simran worked for a small civil litigation law firm, the Clermont County Prosecutor’s Office, and in the legal departments of CareSource and UC Health. Simran’s experience working for a private law firm, the government, and the in-house legal departments of both a health care provider and a health care insurance company gives him a unique perspective to spot a variety of potential issues in a client’s matter.

Simran has a strong commitment to client service and being someone others can depend on. His highest priorities are responding to all clients promptly, understanding his clients’ goals, paying attention to non-legal issues that may affect his clients’ decisions, and treating everyone with whom he interacts with respect.

Simran was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and now resides in Oakley.