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Zoraida M. Vale

Zoraida has already begun training her son to be a Michigan Wolverines fan. She hopes that by starting him early she can prevent him from ever making the unfortunate mistake of confusing Michigan and Michigan State.

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Zoraida Martinez Vale is the daughter of a Puerto Rican father and a Mexican mother. Growing up she always spoke English with her father and Spanish with her mother. However, the clash of the two languages often resulted in Zoraida speaking in a mix of Spanish and English. Once she started kindergarten, her English skills developed quickly but she could never quite shake the Spanglish, which her mother still lets her get away with today.

Zoraida’s father was born in a small town called Salinas, Puerto Rico. Her grandfather wanted more for the family, so when Zoraida’s father was 14, his father decided to move the family to Detroit. At the time, Detroit was a booming city offering a bright future for the Martinez family. Zoraida’s grandfather had a business degree and was mayor of his town back in Puerto Rico. His first job in America was as a mushroom farmer. Soon, through hard work, he would put his degree to use. Zoraida’s grandfather ended up retiring as an accountant from the City of Detroit.

Zoraida’s father worked for Ford Motor Company. While on vacation in Mexico one summer, he met the woman who would become Zoraida’s mother. Returning to Detroit, he spoke with Zoraida’s mother every day on the phone for the next three months. At the end of those three months, he proposed. Zoraida’s mother moved to Detroit after marrying Zoraida’s father. The Martinez clan quickly grew to five members, two daughters and a son.

At the age of four, Zoraida’s father was transferred to Ohio, and the family moved to Mason. It was quite a culture shock at the time. Zoraida was born in Ypsilanti, where there was a great wealth of diversity. But in 1989, Mason was mostly homogeneous and filled with cornfields. In fact, the view from Zoraida’s bedroom window was of cornfields.

Zoraida attended school in Mason from kindergarten until she graduated from high school. She played tennis on her high school team and was a member of student government. Upon graduating, Zoraida returned to Michigan to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Zoraida was amazed by the diversity in Ann Arbor. She formed lasting bonds with people from all types of backgrounds. Soon her closest friends were Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and Christian. And all their shades varied. Zoraida’s time at Michigan gave her a greater appreciation and understanding for people from all walks of life, and she feels blessed for that opportunity.

Zoraida returned to Cincinnati to attend law school, where she met her husband. His locker was just a few down from Zoraida’s locker. Matt is from Cheviot and has introduced Zoraida to a side of town she never knew before. Now Zoraida cannot get enough of such West Side favorites as Price Hill Chili.

Zoraida is looking forward to her future with the Firm.

"Here, everybody wants to help you grow and become a better attorney. It’s a true team environment."

Zoraida is a member of the Firm’s Litigation team. Her practice is focused on resolving personal and business disputes, commercial and residential evictions, employment litigation, and immigration worksite compliance and audits.

Zoraida was born in Michigan, but grew up in Mason, Ohio. After graduating from Mason High School, she returned to Michigan to earn a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Michigan. Upon graduating in 2006, Zoraida enrolled at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, where she graduated with her J.D. in 2009.

Zoraida currently resides in Columbia Township, a township divided into several “islands” by annexations, with her husband Matt and son Francisco. Outside the office, Zoraida enjoys her adventures with Francisco and Matt, which include traveling the U.S. to find the best donuts and comparing Shake Shacks, making trips back to the Big House to root for her Michigan Wolverines, and enjoying all the great places Cincinnati has to offer like the Cincinnati Zoo, Findlay Market, Hamilton County Parks, and all of the amazing dining.