Sterling Silver Update

Remember yesterday when I posted about how there was likely to be misinformation out there concerning Donald Sterling’s “First Amendment” rights in light of Commissioner Silver’s lifetime ban? Well, here you go – Exhibit A and Exhibit B. And just to clarify for Joey Bag O’ Donuts, Pissed@BossyLiberals and other Twitter commentators – Sterling has no First Amendment protection for what the NBA chooses to do here. Repeat, no First Amendment issue here.

And on a completely unrelated note, I had a great time yesterday speaking to the Cincinnati Bar Association along with Nick Vehr and Sandy Hughes on the topic of data privacy. We call our presentation “Risk. Repercussions. Reputations.” Sandy, a former privacy executive at P&G speaks to the risks that come with collecting personally identifiable information, I weigh in on the legal consequences of a data breach and Nick talks about how to deal with the media and customer relations fallout when a breach happens. Here’s Nick’s blog that talks about it in more detail.

To quote Nick, “to learn more about how to avoid the risk of a data breach, to better understand the repercussions if you have one or how to protect and preserve your reputation when you do, please reach out to Sandra, Jack or Nick. We’d like to help. Sandra Hughes (T: 513.706.7405; E: Jack Greiner, Esq. (T: 513.629.2734; E: Nick Vehr (T: 513.381.8347; E:”