president v tech rigged search results - update

The President v. Tech – Part 2

I wrote last week about President Trump’s displeasure with results he received when he Googled himself recently. He is certainly entitled to his emotions, but the danger isn’t with his mood, it’s with what he might do about it. And given he’s President, what he might do is seek some sort of regulation. Which seems to me is, at a minimum, a bad idea.

And I am not the only person who thinks so. Here’s a piece from Floyd Abrams, the country’s leading First Amendment attorney. Floyd lays out a compelling case for why any regulation on search engines which endeavors to level the progressive/conservative playing field would unavoidably violate the First Amendment. There is much to like about Floyd’s article, but this quote is my favorite:

“What we do know is that, as Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson put it in 1945, the core of the First Amendment is rooted in the view that “every person must be his own watchman for truth, because the forefathers did not trust any government to separate the true from the false for us.”

Hear, hear.