The South Butt Saga Continues

As a follow up to a previous post about the North Face/South Butt lawsuit, check out this link that talks about the South Butt answer recently filed in federal court. I’d say that it’s tongue in cheek, but given the circumstances, that may be considered a bad pun. But it is irreverent by any standard. It describes South Butt founder, Jimmy Winkelmann, as a “handsome cross between Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Newman of ‘What Me Worry’ fame and Skippy the Punk from the Midwest.” It contends that the North Face “Denali Jacket” is “no more iconic than The South Butt half ass design.” And it describes the South Butt logo being “comprised of two stripes curved in a butt-like fashion.” We’ll see if this strategy – convincing the court that North Face is determined to turn a mole hill into a mountain (which perhaps climbers can ascend wearing North Face apparel) – is successful. I don’t know. In my experience, federal judges like a good laugh, provided they are telling the joke.