The Worldwide Web Conundrum

I am always amused when institutions (frequently schools) overreact to some online posting, by disciplining some kid, or imposing a draconian ban on postings or use the Internet entirely. I suppose this happens because of the worldwide exposure that comes with a Web posting (note that the first 2 “w’s” in www stand for “worldwide”). But the thing is, that means that the overreaction itself also goes viral and the administrators wind up looking like bumbling bullies. For exhibit A I give you the saga of “Never Seconds” – it involves a blog created by a 9 year old in Scotland to draw attention to the below par lunches served in her school and ham handed efforts by school administrators to shut it down, followed by a humiliating reversal of that effort. All the classic elements. It is too long a story to relate here, but I urge you to read the link and all of the updates. It proves my point better than I ever could.