There’s Always The Ted Nugent Catalogue

Here’s an interesting piece from the Hollywood Reporter about the ongoing battle between Republican candidates and rock musicians over the use of their music at political rallies, conventions and other venues. Take a look at the article for the long list of rockers and rappers who’ve objected to Mitt Romney’s and Newt Gingrich’s use of their songs. For the most part, presumably to limit publicity, candidates have typically backed off when challenged by musicians on the issue. So questions about whether the non-authorized use is protected as a fair use or as political speech remain unresolved. It also appears that candidates can simply pay a royalty to ASCAP and obtain a license to use any song they want. We’ll see if Mitt Romney goes that route, or opts for a path of less resistance. If so, expect to hear a lot of “Cat Scratch Fever” at Romney rallies between now and the election. I suspect Ted Nugent would be okay with that.