I have another contestant for my thin skin award.  Apparently, attorney Elizabeth Russell of the law firm of Schell & Oglesby subpoenaed a woman named Mary Grace Anderson to appear as a witness in a case.  According to Ms. Anderson, she sat outside the courtroom all day, only to learn at the end of the day that Ms. Russell had released her as a witness that morning.  Ms. Anderson  says Ms. Russell never told her that she was free to go.  The whole experience fired Ms. Anderson up so much that she posted a scathing online review about Ms. Russell.

Thereafter,  according to a piece on techdirt, Ms. Russell convinced the court to issue an order compelling Ms. Anderson to take down the review.  The order was issued ex parte meaning Ms. Anderson, who is not a party to the underlying case, wasn’t even there.  Fortunately, Ms. Anderson found a lawyer who took an immediate appeal and got the order vacated in short order.

I suspect Ms. Russell will feel some Streisand effect from her efforts.  And she is definitely in contention for the Thin Skin award.