Twitter Trivia

I was trying to find a tie that would allow me to post about the Red’s Opening Day! This is surely one of the greatest days of the year. But having said that, where is the InfoLaw tie in? Well, how about this…six Reds – Mike Leake, Sam LeCure, Brandon Phillips, Bill Bray, Johnny Cueto and Corky Miller – have Twitter accounts. Brandon Phillips @DatDudeBP and Sam LeCure @mrLeCure are the two best. And so, here’s the tie in. If you plan to emulate any of these Reds and start tweeting, here are five legal tips to consider. Some – like be careful about copyrights and trademarks – are pretty obvious. Others — like endorsement guidelines maybe not so much. So send me a tweet @jackgraydon if you’re at the game. I’ll be sitting behind home plate!