Veteran Success Story – Matt Dieruf

Pictured above – (L-R) Matt Dieruf, his mother Barbara Dieruf, and brother Paul Dieruf.

In this edition of the Veteran Spotlight we turn our gaze to one of America’s most gifted engineering minds, Matt Dieruf.  Matt enlisted in the Air Force in October of 2003 and achieved the rank of A1C or Airman First Class. The Air Force used Matt’s beautiful mind to maintain their missile and space defense capabilities and some say he was the first Man to walk on Mars.  We here at the spotlight can neither confirm nor deny this assertion but we do know that Americans are blessed to have received his selfless service.  Matt Dieruf was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, and still lives there today near his family and friends.  Matt is currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky and is seeking a Master’s degree in electrical engineering.

Matt came to the team at Graydon as one of the first veteran clients but had already obtained a 100% VA disability rating.  Matt sought help taking advantage of benefits flowing from his disability rating and general counsel work for personal matters.  Kristine Maher has become Matt’s personal counsel and assists on all VA and personal matters.  Matt is the perfect example of what we hope the Veterans Initiative continues to grow into—veterans in need who deserve our help and then remain clients for life.

In 2004, Matt’s brother, Nick was ambushed and killed in action during operations supporting OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom).  This was a big moment in the life of Matt Dieruf, and it is with that in mind that his family has conveyed their utmost respect for Kristine and the Veterans Initiative team.  In May 2021, Matt’s Mom, Barbara Dieruf presented Kristine with a Gold Star coin to show the family’s thanks and respect. “Kristine has afforded me the opportunity to participate honorably in society, forged stability in my life, and for that I will never be able to thank her enough.”

The Spotlight was honored to interview A1C Matt Dieruf for this blog, and we send our heartfelt appreciation to the entire Dieruf family for their sacrifices.