Video Killed the Records Defense

Mark Lagerkvist brought a case in New Jersey seeking an order compelling the office of Governor Chris Christie to produce records related to Christie’s charges of nearly $800,000 for the travel costs of his state police security detail.  According to the suit, those expenses are 18 times higher than when Governor Christie took office.   

The charges were apparently charged to American Express cards.  Accordingly, Lagerkvist sought the receipts as well as a directory of 2500 reporters to whom the Governor had sent videos and media alerts.  The Governor objected to releasing the records, arguing that their release could potentially reveal the names of security unit members, the number of those members guarding the Governor and where they might be stationed.   

The problem for the Governor, however was this video.  On it, and in response to a question from a cub scout, Christie gives detail about the guards with him and about how the detail works in general.  Darn those cute kids.