Visualizing the New Year

If you’ve made a few New Year’s resolutions, how about visualizing them? Converting them from words to images. In your mind’s eye, can you conjure up that clean desk? Or how about a new pair of running shoes and finishing a 5k? Or someone you care about smiling?

Truth is, converting words into conceivable mental pictures makes them more likely to happen. Visualization is self-persuasive because you do it yourself, maybe with some external cues or prompts. Visualization works on an individual and collective level. That advertising mural (in the airport where I’m writing) invites everyone to visualize owning its products.

Disney Corporation, awash in revenue from its latest Star Wars sequel, credits revival of a visualized corporate strategy originally designed and drawn by Walt Disney, complete with little Mickeys connecting the pieces to the focal point of creative content in film, which drives profit in every other segment of the business. Think about it: a company in the imagination business uses that strength to imagine its own strategy for success. It all started with a little drawing of a little creature, visualizing a mouse.

Visualization works. So here’s visualizing for you a Happy 2016!