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About The Firm


Our Stories
The strongest relationships are built on honest connections because they lead to caring and understanding. We use stories as bridges to connect – whether they’re about our history, our community, or our clients. As a bridge provides structure and stability, stories are how we learn about each other and what matters to each of us. It’s why we share our stories with you – and why your story is important to us.


Our History
Much of our history is wrapped up in our hometown’s history. Our Firm was founded in the heart of the city at 58 West Third Street in 1871 – the same year our Tyler Davidson Fountain, the centerpiece of Fountain Square, was dedicated. We’ve always been downtown in the city’s bustling business center, later expanding to Northern Kentucky, Butler/Warren, and to Over-the-Rhine to better serve the Greater Cincinnati community.


Our Community
We are people who, if we hear of someone in need, we give because giving is a big part of the culture that shaped us. We’ve always taken pride in helping to shape the kind of community Greater Cincinnati is. It’s why we participate in most every major social institution, charitable cause and fine arts endeavor on both sides of the river.


Our Clients
We have known many of our clients for generations, from grandfathers and fathers, to sons and daughters. We consider it our business to know their business – as thoroughly as they do. Nothing matters more than their trust and their knowing they can count on us.


Our Colleagues
We don’t throw lawyers into the mix for the sake of keeping lawyers busy. We look at each case, assess the needs and identify the connections. If we need someone else from down the hall, we bring in someone else. We’re lean in a good way. Not because we’re stingy, but because we know how to get the job done with what we have.