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Private & Family Business

Private & Family Business

Graydon attorneys have been serving the needs of family and private businesses for more than 145 years. Over the years the types and manner of services provided have evolved, but the core of our services have remained the same – commitment to be the trusted advisor for our clients to help solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach
While most private business clients develop a primary contact at the firm, business owners appreciate the ability of Graydon attorneys with experience in various substantive areas to work together effectively and efficiently, to produce the best outcome for our clients. Our representation of private business clients begins with counseling regarding business entity and capital formation, continues throughout the operations of the business and often involves planning for the succession or sale of the business.

We assist private and family businesses in:

  • Business formation and growth planning
  • Capital formation
  • Financial, succession and tax planning
  • Employment related matters
  • Commercial contracting
  • Intellectual property and technology
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Buying and selling businesses
  • Ownership and management succession

Meeting the Needs of Closely-Held Businesses
Our lawyers combine knowledge of today’s fast-changing, economic environment, technologically advanced business practices and extensive legal experience to meet the dynamic needs of closely-held businesses. Entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned business owners, benefit from the experience and commitment we bring to the table.

Whether you are looking for ways to raise capital for your company or are getting ready to transition your business to the next generation, we can help you navigate your course. We will chart your future courses, prepare a road map to get you there and make sure your business stays on track.