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Ally Berry’s enthusiasm is authentic and contagious. She has this natural ability to energize the people around her. As one of Ally’s soccer coaches explained it, her intensity was her greatest strength on the field because it infected her teammates.

Ally laughs thinking back to her days of competitive sports. “My coaches and I always butted heads. Never had a problem speaking my mind. By no means was I one of the best players on the team, but I had a knack for getting caught up in the heat of a game. And I guess my coaches found my intensity to be a motivating factor for the team.”

Growing up, Ally and her two brothers spent countless hours traveling around the country for sporting events. Everyone in the Berry family was active in sports, and because they were constantly on the road, these trips became their idea of family vacations. “The majority of my childhood was either spent in the car driving to a field… or running around on a field. The Berry’s are well versed in dedication, but we also know how to unwind and have a good time. My family has inspired me to be competitive and disciplined… but, most importantly, they taught me to enjoy the ride.”

Her positive outlook and determination pushed her to overcome two ACL injuries in her athletic career and still become an important asset of the Wake Forest University women’s soccer team. As an inspiring leader and reliable teammate, she helped lead her team to make school history when they played in the 2011 NCAA Final Four.

Outside of pursuing her dreams, Ally’s strong family influence also fed her devotion to her professional career. “I get my intensity from my mom. She raised me to make meaningful choices and to find things I’m passionate about. My Dad, on the other hand, is easygoing and even-tempered. He taught me to slow down and think logically when it comes to making life’s big decisions. And both of my parents encouraged me to take on challenges.”

Her parents used to joke that Ally wanted to be a “career student.” She has always loved learning and experiencing new things. At “Work Forest,” she spent just as much time with her head buried in books as she did on the soccer field. When it came time to graduate, it was no surprise that she chose to pursue a master’s degree in studies of law. This ambition led her to a newfound calling – law school. Not to mention… another three years of school.

After law school, Ally started her professional career in the courtroom working as law clerk for Judge Jody Luebbers. It was here that Ally discovered a love for civil litigation. She enjoyed exploring into the nitty-gritty details, which allowed her to hone her research and writing skills. “I loved every second spent in Judge Luebbers’ courtroom. I remember being in the middle of a trial, and Judge would fire random questions at me, scribbled on a Post-It-Note. Anything from, ‘Did you think that was a good objection?’ or ‘What questions did they miss on cross?’ I picked up invaluable skills quickly by jumping right into the thick of it. Judge taught me to use careful reasoning, even in the heat of the moment.”

Ally admits her parents were right. “As a lawyer, I feel as if I actually did pursue a profession as a career student. We research and write every day, and litigators, in particular, are always learning different areas of the law. With the adversarial aspect of litigation, I’ll always have an outlet for my competitiveness.”

The role models in Ally’s life, both personally and professionally, have helped mold her into the attorney she is today. She works tirelessly to advocate for her clients – driven by her passion and quest for learning.

Ally is a member of the Litigation practice group, working in the areas of personal and commercial disputes.

Prior to attending law school, Ally earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology with Minors in Sociology and Studio Art from Wake Forest University. While at Wake, she was a member of the Women’s Soccer team. After graduating in 2013, Ally remained at Wake Forest to receive her Master’s in Studies of Law.

Ally is a 2018 graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Law, where she was a judges coordinator for the Moot Court Honor Board, and a third year representative for the Student Bar Association Executive Board. As a third year law student, Ally interned with UC Law’s Sixth Circuit Appellate Clinic and the Indigent Defense Clinic.

While in law school, Ally clerked for Judge Peter Stautberg at the First District Court of Appeals and for Judge Jerome Metz at the Hamilton Court of Common Pleas. After obtaining her limited license to practice law, Ally worked for the Appellate Division of the Hamilton County Public Defender, and, as part of the Indigent Defense Clinic at UC Law, she later worked as a legal intern for the Municipal Division. After graduating from law school and passing the Ohio Bar in 2018, Ally clerked for Judge Jody M. Luebbers at the Hamilton Court of Common Pleas.